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                                                     Forward from our Founder

Mr. Willy Breton

Hello everyone,

To answer your questions, following your visits to the NATO Memorial website, Yes I paid for the NATO Memorial, which is situated in Fréthun, Post Code 62185 France, as well as a very large part of the expenses related to the inauguration. I had saved the money for my retirement but after my last operational tour of duty, I had the idea of creating a Memorial to honour all our Security forces (Generic term for all military personnel of the different Arms, including Gendarmes and Police officers) who were injured or killed during their participation on NATO missions, both from NATO member countries and partnership countries. As a result of what happened during my tour, I wished that a memorial was built to remember the loss and suffering. I had in my mind what was needed so the Memorial could become a reality. I used my money for the NATO Memorial to be erected, this was only a small step in my quest towards it all happening. For me, this Memorial represents Friendship, Comradeship, and Brotherhood. It is also a monument for Reconciliation and Peace. After five years, I am very proud of what has been achieved. I'm accompanied by a formidable team. A team that does a fantastic job, thank you. We are moving forward slowly but surely. This Memorial represents values that are dear to our hearts, we do whatever is possible to communicate those values. For some, I can be seen as crazy, I have no shame in doing what I have done, nor do I feel I have to answer for it. I've done what I feel is simply right and just. A big THANK YOU to all our members, supporters, (approximately 29,000 twenty nine thousand encompassing 12 nationalities) and to all those who help us and follow us....

My fraternal friendship,



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